Policy Statement


The Review of Finance and Banking is a scientific review that aims to publish valuable original contributions in the fields of Corporate finance, Financial markets, Financial Economics and Banking. In order to accomplish this mission, a double- blind review process has been put in place. The Editorial Board is formed of well-known finance researchers who offer their outstanding experience in order to accomplish the goals of the Review of Finance and Banking.

As mentioned in the Statement of the Editors, “We hope that The Review of Finance and Banking will be able to overcome the intention to assert the meaning of cyclical values by transmitting real and long lasting values. We hope that The Review of Finance and Banking will offer value.”

The peer-review process implemented represents a guarantee of the quality of the papers published and stands as a barrier of any intention of plagiarism. The Editorial Board of The Review of Finance and Banking is fully committed to promote papers of high quality in the field of Finance and to fight against all forms of plagiarism. However, the responsibility of the articles published belongs solely to the authors.

The percentage of the articles accepted for publication was until 35% of the papers received.

The Review of Finance and Banking accepts only new and original papers which were not published in part or entirely and have not been sent for evaluation to any other journals.

In order for submissions to be considered a revision, all submissions with a revise and resubmit decision must be submitted within 12 months of the decision letter. Any revisions submitted after 12 months will be considered a new submission, and need not receive the same editor or referee.

Reviewing for journals is a professional activity that provides value for the profession as a whole, and should be encouraged. Scholars who submit manuscripts to RFB are normally expected to reciprocate by accepting an invitation to review for the Journal.



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